Sunday, July 15, 2007

WIRED Magazine on Google Maps


As a long time reader of WIRED Magazine (Jan/95 was the first one I bought) I was excited to hear that WIRED was spotlighting Google Maps in this month's issue. I held off reading the online version even though countless blogosphere links pointed me there when the mag first hit the streets. No, I'd wait for it to arrive to my home to read the article right.. in print, sitting down in a comfortable chair. That I did this weekend and I was impressed! (Google Maps and the Rise of the Hyperlocal Web) greets you on the front cover while the article is titled: "The Whole Earth, Cataloged - How Google Maps is changing the way we see the world." Evan Ratliff does a nice job to chronicle the rise of Google Maps, Earth and the Mashup.. as well as the personal journey of John Hanke, Google's Director of all things geo at Google. I like how Evan intertwines what Google Maps is facilitating today with the historic reflections of cartography. Jason Lee and Jake Swearingen do a nice job on illustrations and sidebar for the piece making you feel as though you're on Google Maps as you read the article.. a nice touch. :) If you haven't already read the article.. Follow the link, or pick up the mag for nicer reading.

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