Friday, August 17, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-08-17

Gaigi is a cool photo map explorer - Gaigi mashes up Google Maps with Panoramio and Flickr images. Specific city or point of interest (CN Tower, Central Park, New York) searching works pretty well and for countries that offer Google Maps local business searching, these results are also displayed. Image viewing can also take you from map view to the specific Panoramio or Flickr photo page.
Google Maps Street View Scavenger Hunt! has a fun Google Maps Street View Scavenger Hunt game that is running until August 23rd. You are asked to submit map views from Google Maps US Street View cities under a range of categories. Gain points by finding things like a cruise ship or a plane taking off or landing. Here are the rules for the Scavenger Hunt: (1) All maps submitted for points in a scavenger must be new and unique (no duplicates of old maps!). (2) To submit a map for the scavenger hunt, submit a map as normal. On the submissions page, you will have a chance to select a category to submit to. (3) Once a map is approved by the moderators, you will receive the points for that category. (4)The scavenger hunt ends on the date listed. At that point, the user with the most point wins. Ties are allowed. Have fun! [Via]

Sydney cabbie experiments with Google My Maps:

Taxi driver blogging. Interesting.. Sydney taxi driver Adrian Neylan links to a Google My Map of a sequence of events that took place on his shift from this post. He writes in the post: "In the left hand sidebar, click 'Placemark 1' thru 'Placement 9', for the sequence of events depicting my travails trying to score a radio job headed home." For note, Adrian's blog has been recognized as one of the Sydney Morning Herald's Top 10 Blogs [Via]
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