Monday, August 06, 2007

Google Maps News for 2007-08-06

Driving directions + real-time traffic conditions = smarter driving:

Google Maps has combined its driving directions feature with real time data from a number of US cities. This means when you plot directions from one place to another, Google Maps will take a look at how traffic looks for your drive and help you better estimate the time it will take you to get there. This improvement comes on the heels of the nifty "draggable directions feature" released at the end of June.

Google Earth Enterprise updated with browser integration - The latest Google Earth Enterprise update lets you view 2d data sets normally only viewable in Google Earth, in a web browser! Take a look at expanded coverage on Noah Doyle's Google Lat-Long Blog post.

Business related Google Maps news stories:
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Oracle Delivers Expanded Field Service Capabilities With Google Maps Integration and the Release of Oracle(R) E-Business Suite Release 12 (CNN Money)

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