Thursday, August 02, 2007

Make Google Maps your own with cool new content

Google Maps used to be all about local search, driving directions and satellite map viewing but in recent months all of that has changed with the new My Maps tab. Behind that tab lies a world of map making and Google Maps viewing fun just waiting to be had. I'm getting pretty hooked on content that I'm adding to My Maps to make looking around my community and entire country more interesting. Mapplets are compact Google Maps mashups that you can view right from within Google Maps. Since I'm a webcam junkie, I've added a webcams mapplet. To stay current on weather conditions I've added David Schorr's weather mapplet and one of the most interesting is the Panoramio photo mapplet that displays an instant photo montage as I zoom in to different places around the world. Adding this content is pretty easy. Just log in with your Google account, click the My Maps tab, then the "Add Content" link. Browse for Mapplets that look interesting, add them to Google Maps and have some fun! For some visual step by step instructions on how to customize Google Maps, check out this YouTube video..

More Mapplets to have some fun with:

Mix up a mega photo-video mashup of your own:
Hotel Searching:
Around the world:
Check out my first post for more cool Mapplets to add to your own My Maps tab!
If you're a Google Maps mashup creator get started with Mapplets here..

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