Thursday, August 23, 2007

POPURLS goes real-time with Google Maps + Google Maps =

POPURLS is a site which aggregates the most popular and current content on the web to a one-view page. It contains the top of Digg, the most viewed pictures on Flickr, the hottest YouTube clips, top news on Google News, among many other sites. POPURLs has recently used Google Maps to create an entirely new site called and have coined it "The real-time view of". The site works in much the same way as other real-time Google Maps mashups TwitterVision or Flickrvision by auto-centering the map on the geo-location of a visitor (presumably by their IP address). It shows the site and specific link that visitor is currently clicking on.. all in real-time. It gives you the chance to see what folks in various countries are finding interesting from the POPURLs page. The clever page design enables you to view a split-screen view with text links at the top or go to a full screen Google Maps version to watch random visitor tracking take place. I like the choice of ".TV" domain for this new twist on the POPURLs site, since the push format of the page is exactly like sitting and watching TV.. :)
[Via Mashable]

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