Tuesday, September 25, 2007

35,000 World News Videos on a Google Map

MediaScrape, the "Internet TV News Network" has just launched integration with Google Maps to help users find breaking news videos from around the world. MediaScrape is a Google NewsMap which is partnered directly with broadcast news outlets such as the BBC, CBC, Asia News International and 25 other outlets and has the ability to play some 35,000 news clips from its vast database. To get started click on a region to see top news clips plotted to a Google Map based on their specific location. You can also select "Videos by country" to drill down to a specific country rather than by continent. Other video sharing capabilities such uploading, video management and site customization exists when you register for an account on the site.

More details about MediaScrape can be found within this recent press release:
MediaScrape(TM) Integrates Google Maps and Adds Broadcasters
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