Wednesday, September 05, 2007

5 new US Google Maps mashups!

Mapping public restrooms in Manhattan:

[Via New Yorker Magazine]

A mashup to help you find lunch near work - Looking for a new lunch spot near work? Lunchbox can help you "find good food" near your workplace or house using just a zip code. Lunchbox searches Yelp restaurants for new places for you to try out, then plots them to Google Maps.

SignalMap - From the site: "Find user-generated cell phone signals by major service providers. Find dead spots, and compare signal strengths." You can also contribute your own signal experience. [via]

Portland Trimet MAX on Google Maps [via]

TrafficLand US traffic camera maps - Drill down from US to state, then to city level to see beautifully mapped out traffic cams. [Via Gridskipper]

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