Monday, September 17, 2007

8 New US Google Maps Mashups and Mapplets

US Census Bureau Demographics Mapplet:

Ducky Sherwood has turned her US Census Mashup into a Google Mapplet! Add this mapplet directly to your Google Maps view and follow her suggestions to combine it with other mapplets:
  • Combine it with the Chicago Transit Maps to see that the lines appear racially segregated
  • Combine a view of population density with the Sea Level Rise Mapplet to see just how much trouble we're in if the sea level rises a bunch
  • Combine a view of % 5 to 17 or of % married with kids plus a real estate mapplet to see where there are houses for sale in areas with lots of playmates for your kids
Western Pennsylvania High School Football Map - A simple but useful map that lets you filter by day, team, class of school, conference or stadium. Take a quick peek and you'll see why every state should have a map like this for every high school sport!
New York City Cab Fare Estimate - The YellowCabNYC Blog has integrated a simple fare calculator map tool that lets you tap on two points to get an estimate of cost.
North Carolina Seas Map - Find out current conditions off Emerald Isle, Hatteras, Ocracoke, Outer Banks and Wrightsville Beach. More information and Google Earth viewing the project page. See more Marine Maps here..
Explore US destinations on Simpatigo - More on Simpatigo in a future post, but until then check out some cool places to visit in the US.
The Colorado Way of Life Map - A fun state map project established by Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance.
Obesity In America Map - State rankings based on percentage of adult population with a body mass index of 30 or higher.
Best US Cities for Singles - Cities mapped from the Forbes special report on Best Cities For Singles.
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