Saturday, September 01, 2007

New Google Maps mashups and links for 2007-09-01

Google Maps tool to align your Satellite Dish - The creator of this maps tool explains: "..Basically, anyone who ever installed a satellite dish knows how frustrating it is to point the dish at the satellite somewhere in the sky. I've created a unique tool which calculates the dish angle based on user location and then draws a line on the Google Maps satellite image. You can actually see your house, mark the dish position and then see where to aim the satellite dish." (This tool works for anyone worldwide)

Diana, Princess of Wales - Mapped Timeline + Videos - GPS Route sharing for cycling, walking/hiking, paddling [Via]

Wiki Worldflicks Mashup:

Another Google Maps photo-mashup a different user interface. Give this one a test drive, it's worth it. Can you get enough of these photo mashups? I can't. :) + Google Maps = Jaikuvision - Live Jaiku member messages popping up as posted on a Google Map! [Via]

Gun Ownership from around the World per 100 people - Source: Small Arms Survey - 2007

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