Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Google Maps Travel Mashups and Mapplets

More new and updated Google Maps mashups and mapplets that can be helpful when planning trips or while traveling...

Great new addition to Lonely Planet Maps:

I covered the awesome Google Maps implementation on the Lonely Planet TV website back on April 4/07 and since then geo-developer Ken Hoetmer has made some improvements. You'll now notice a new "Maps" tab on the main page which links to a fantastic world travel map that is completely explorable. It displays Lonely Planet travel videos, hotel and hostel bookings, flight bookings via Kayak, and a host of other layers - places to eat, drink, shop, etc... If you're planning a trip or out on the road this new map will be able to help you as much as those invaluable Lonely Planet books will! Take a look at my original post about Lonely Planet Maps to learn more!

Orbitz uses Google Maps for flight and airport status updates:

Orbitz is keeping travelers up to date with a few embedded Google Maps mashups on their site. The Traveler Updates page features a real-time airport status mashup. Here is the description: "..Help your trip go smoothly with up-to-minute updates from fellow travelers about security line wait times, traffic & parking, taxi lines and more. Combine this with real-time, critical travel information, including OrbitzTLC air-traffic updates, FAA airport updates, traffic delays and weather, and you'll have everything you need to keep your travels on track!" Google Maps is also present on Individual Airport pages (Eg: LAX) that includes a full local traffic mashup in and around the airport. See also: The Orbitz Hotel Search Mapplet for your My Maps tab on Google Maps! [Thanks to Joe Monahan for the tip!]

Use Google Maps (My Maps tab) to become a super-tourist - Travel smarter by creating your very own customized travel maps mashup by simply adding content to My Maps tab in Google Maps. In a recent Google Lat-Long Blog post Thai Tran of Google explains how he used the Wikimapia layer and Booking.com Hotel Search mapplets while on holiday in Europe. There are tons of other Mapplets that are perfect for planning a trip or traveling throughout the world including the recently released Browse Popular Maps mapplet that will let you find user-created maps for a specific area (be sure to try this one out). Here are some more mapplet suggestions from a recent post I've done. To get started watch this short YouTube video then head over to the My Maps tab in Google Maps to begin adding travel content.

More new helpful travel-related Google Maps mashups:
  • Global Motion - A massive wikipedia style database of places that is using Google Maps. [via]
  • Simpatigo - Add a point of interest or create a custom tour guide. Also great for exploring new places by folks that have already shared. This site will improve as more people add places and tours since the value to the user is as good as the number of places that have been shared.
  • ClipGlobe - Google mapped user created videos
  • Be Noot - Travel books, blogging website using Google Maps throughout
  • MapSkip - Mark the world with your stories, or explore new places
  • Share your favourite (UK) places with Tipped
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