Monday, October 22, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-10-22

Mappery is mashup of maps!

Cartography is experiencing an interesting transformation. Map mashups are bringing information from across the web alive to create maps that never existed. As this is happening there are still thousands of maps that contain visual points of interest on flat display maps. Until every map exists as a My Map or Google Maps mashup Mappery will help you find PDFs, images or other flat maps from around the web. It's an interesting "mashup of maps" that bridges the gap between online maps of yesterday with a mapping interface of today. Be sure to check out this recent post from the Mappery blog to learn about the US coverage this international mashup features.

Google Map of Movie Landmarks:

Brian Lane's joins the list of Movie Mashups by aiming to "build a location-based movie landmark search engine". Location and media data are added by users and the resulting data is then mashed up for all to explore! For an example check out this Blues Brothers landmark. Check out more about Brian's aspirations for the mashup/site here..

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