Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Amazing Race 12 + Google Maps = Racers Map


US-based reality TV show The Amazing Race is by far the best candidate to be "TV mapped" and mashed up. Brent Evans is along to bring you an Amazing Race 12 map-in-progress that highlights all of the locations the contestants are traveling to and also includes the rumored locations for all legs of the race. During each episode Brent will be adding extra content/detail to the maps to make it as accurate as possible. To check out the full Google Map that Brent has created using Google's maps creation tools, check here. Not since Amazing Race 9 were tv maps mashups created for this show. Great to see someone taking the time to build one for such a geo-centric reality show! :)

UPDATE: Mark from makes us aware of their Chasing Racers Amazing Race 12 Map!
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