Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Australian Prime Minister found on Google Maps!

John Howard and Kevin Rudd having fun at the beach!!

8 "Easter eggs" revealed on Google Maps Elections Mashup - Ben Balbo informs us that there are a number of "easter eggs" planted within different areas of Google Maps on the previously blogged about Google Australia Federal Election Site. The easter eggs reveal cartoons of John Howard and Kevin Rudd, the Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition respectfully having a great time together! :) Ben gives you instructions to find 2 locations where Howard and Rudd are frolicking together; One at the federal parliament in Canberra and also on Bondi Beach in Sydney!

Here are the steps to see Howard and Rudd at Bondi Beach:
  • Visit the site
  • Enter "Queen Elizabeth Drive Bondi Beach" in the "My postcode or address:" box in the left column
  • switch to satellite mode (button at top right of map)
  • Zoom in to the second highest zoom level
  • In the small box to the bottom right of the map, double click just below the "b" of "Elizabeth" - if you don’t see Johny and Kev, try scrolling a little further down and right.
  • Uncheck "With Party Shading" to get a clearer view
Apparently there are 6 more that haven't yet been found: Around Seaworld on the Gold Coast, Tanunda in Adelaide, a well known Melbourne sporting venue, near Barrack St Jetty in Perth, near Mandorah in Darwin and near the Botanic Gardens in Hobart.! Take a look Ben's post to follow the directions to find them on the map! Aussies will go to the polls on Nov 24th, 2007.

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