Monday, November 26, 2007

Belguim, Denmark, Spain, Russia, Norway: New Google Maps Mashups!

Great weather mashup from Norway!
Anders Eriksen sent me a tip about a great new Norwegian weather forecast mashup. The weather mashup has been developed for TV 2 Norway, with data from the Storm Weather Center in that country. Anders explains: "..The data is delivered via a so called Weather On Demand database, and you are able to click on the Google map everywhere in the world and get a forecast, wind, temperature etc. You can also playback an animation of weather symbols on the Google map, forecasting the next hours. The service is only available in Norwegian language thus far (with no plans for an English version anytime soon)." Here is an example for my home city of Waterloo, Ontario with meteogram, 10 day forecast, animation on Google Maps etc.. __________________
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