Thursday, November 29, 2007

Google Maps for Mobile now shows your location (without GPS)!

The Google Maps (for Mobile) team has today launched a really cool new feature that will display your current location on the map even if your device does not have built in GPS functionality! The feature is called "My Location" and It works by taking information broadcast from mobile towers near you to approximate your current location on the map. Lost? Need to find a business in the immediate area? Need to get directions from your current location? My Location will allow you to flip out your mobile device and do all of these things instantly and without having to clammer around to set your current location (if you even know).

Take a look at this YouTube clip to learn more..:

Download Google Maps for Mobile by visiting on your mobile phone!
(Works for most web-enabled mobile phones, including Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Nokia/Symbian devices [more info])

More My Location links and info:
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