Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Google Maps Update: "Community maps" add depth to your searches!

Searching on Google Maps has just been enhanced with more integrated content from across the geoweb! Google Maps calls this content "Community Maps" and will add much more depth to your next search for places and points of interest. Back in July I posted about the inception of "geo search" that started to incorporate content created by the geoweb community. This Google Maps feature has since evolved to a greater integration of these results seamlessly into your Google Maps searches and when relevant will blend them together with local business results in the same list. How can you tell between the two different types of content when you are searching? I've used Lior Ron's illustration (see right) from his Google Lat Long Blog post to help you to understand this visually. In short: Red pins = local business results Blue pins= Maps and content created by the Google Maps and geoweb community. Lior uses this example search for dog parks in Berkeley to show how results are blended together. In some cases you may need to select the "See community maps" link from the bottom of the list of local business results. To learn more about this feature enhancement check out Lior Ron's post and for ways that this search functionality can benefit you, be sure to check out my original posts about geo search found here. to create content that could be searched by Google Maps users, create a map from the My Maps tab on Google Maps!

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