Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In the middle of the map.. a blog!

The geoblog of a pedestrian in San Francisco..

This headline on a Digg article recently caught my eye:
Most Original Geoblog (Using Google Maps API) I've Ever Seen
With well over 700 diggs I decided to take a look... A large, urban, full screen satellite toggled view of Google Maps comes into view with a recognizable red pin marking a location in a residential neighborhood. The title tag reads: " // the geoblog of a pedestrian in san francisco" Growing out from the pin is a large window containing an ordinary personal blog with titles like: "after work today", "garbanzo beans are the next chicken" and "if there's one thing I enjoy". The titles are posts from Chris Contolini's blog that are literally.. on a map!

The Digg entry explains:
"A modified Wordpress installation is forced inside a Google Maps info window. A small GPS Java app running on his phone places a marker at his current position, while transmitting the time, direction, and speed at which he was moving when he last updated. You can literally see everywhere he is throughout the day (assuming his cell phone is on)."

Don't expect an elaborate (or even interesting) blog. It's an ordinary and infrequent smattering of posts. What's interesting about this is that the entire blog he embeds into this map is location based. Not posts, not photos but the whole thing. As he moves, the map moves with him so the posts (while maybe not location specific) have location based context based to where he is. I think this is a really interesting concept for a blog and hopefully Chris keeps it going. As uninteresting as it is, I'm still interested. :)

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