Thursday, November 22, 2007

UK: 8 New Google Maps Mashups!

Routescanner scans your route before you travel! Paul Clarke has created this great Google Maps tool which searches and displays all real-time traffic info and speed cameras along a specific route you specify. It combines the same driving directions engine that Google Maps uses with real-time information provided by BBC Travel and the Highways Agency. When you perform a search (Liverpool to Leeds for example) you learn what can affect that particular journey you are about to take. Things such as roadworks, speed cameras, traffic accidents and so on.

City of Leeds real-time travel info: Here is a fantastic Google Maps mashup created by the City of Leeds! It features a journey planner, traffic news, parking, weather, live CCTV cameras and more! It has a number of great user interface features that will let you choose regions of the city and select timescales. This is really nice work! [via]

Camden Cycling Campaign Route Map: Here is a great mashup showing cycling routes throughout the city of London. Some pretty intense UI and programming work has been put into this mashup. Be sure to take a look at this map if not only for the controls and interesting user features that have been included. [Thanks to Mapperz for this one!]
Many more UK Google Maps mashups can be found by clicking the UK label below!
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