Friday, November 30, 2007

Which countries have coverage on Google Maps?

Wondering which countries have Google Maps coverage? (Hint: Use this!)

Pamela Fox has posted about a brilliant new spreadsheet tool on the Official Google Maps API Blog that will help you keep up to date on the constantly changing country-coverage on Google Maps (and the Maps API). In her post she presents 3 example questions that this tool will help address: 1) Which countries have map tiles and local business results?, 2)Which countries have localized map controls 3)Which countries have driving directions and geocoding? For example, filter the spreadsheet for countries that have map tiles + geocoding + driving directions + business listings and localization to reveal those countries with full feature availability. The raw, full list with all countries displayed will give you the complete coverage picture for Google Maps as well. Be sure to check back often as this will change frequently! Pamela's closing line of her post is something I'd like to echo here on Google Maps Mania:
"Now, go forth and make internationally relevant mashups!"
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