Thursday, November 01, 2007

YourStreet: US Local News Google Maps Mashup

I've blogged on many news mashups in the past but few get to the local level that a new Google Maps news mashup called YourStreet does and none have the accompanying social features this mashup offers. YourStreet, which is launching this week, maps some 10,000+ articles, blog posts and conversations for over 35,000 locations across the U.S. The numbers are overwhelming but all you should care about is your city, your neighborhood and even your block! A press release by YourStreet helps provide some context regarding location:

"..YourStreet uses a highly sophisticated algorithm that leverages natural language processing to scan and interpret news articles, extracting highly specific location information. Unlike other news aggregation sites, YourStreet goes far beyond keyword matching – the algorithm can identify references to local entities like schools, sports stadiums, airports, bridges, and determine their exact latitude and longitude, giving users unparalleled access to local information."

In addition to precision mapping local news it also allows you to create a profile, contribute your own comments, conversations and news articles. YourStreet looks at the news as :the foundation upon which a location-based community can be created". All the best to the founders and team as the site rolls out!
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