Thursday, December 06, 2007

3 great new Google Maps Music Mashups!

3 Interesting and very different "Music Maps Mashups" have caught my attention this past week. Here they are:

MappaMusica: "a mashup to discover music":

Wondering what kind of music folks in Australia dig? Want to be as cool as the kids from Bangkok or South Korea? MappaMusica takes you on a global musical journey by way of a Google Maps interface to explore and discover popular music, by country! This mashup takes statistics from and presents the top artists and tracks being listened to in a particular country. This is a great way to discover new music by simply clicking a country on the map! The top track in India according to Comfortably Numb.. Pink Floyd. :)

Map of Led Zeppelin Landmarks:

Here is a perfect music maps mashup of significant places for the band Led Zeppelin. If you're a die hard fan you'll be interested to see the actual place where the Physical Graffiti album cover was photographed, or perhaps you'd like to locate the recording studio that made them world-famous? This map has great captions packed with stories, photos and best of all placemarks showing you where these locations are on a Google Map. A little geo with your stairway?

JamLoop: Map your musical gear search

Looking for a new electric guitar? Maybe you're searching for a specific Fender tube amp? JamLoop is a new Google Maps powered musical gear search tool that will help you locate these sought-after pieces of equipment. The service aggregates US local and national listings from hundreds of sources and brings them to you in one place. Your search results can be mapped and from there each result links off to its original source so you can gather further details to decide on the purchase. A true music maps mashup!

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