Thursday, December 13, 2007

9 great new US Google Maps mashups!

MapEcos: Awesome US Environmental Performance Mashup:

MapEcos is a Google Maps mashup that "presents a balanced view of industrial environmental performance." It mashes up with the Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) dataset from the EPA and then displays the information logically on a map so an average person can understand what the factory down the street is spewing into the air. MapEcos was developed by students at Dartmouth College along with faculty of the business schools at Dartmouth, Duke, and Harvard. This is a fantastic UI that has some really nice clustering, search and zoom features to work with a very large dataset. This is a great mashup.

Over 300 Great Lakes webcams (US & Canada) .. mapped!

This awesome webcam mashup is courtesy of AJ Hartley at Michigan/Canadian weather mashup Crime Reports in Dallas

Kenneth "Ellis" McCall has created a well presented crime map for Dallas, Texas. It welcomes you with a great options to learn about the free and premium service and also offers a mobile mapping service. (News coverage for this mashup)

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