Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Google Maps Mania links for 2007-12-12

Make a Google Maps Wall Calendar! - Looking for a 2008 Wall calendar? Make a Google Maps wall calendar with Piet Jonas' GMaps Wall Calendar Generator. Center and zoom the map to a place you want to capture and click "Open Print Preview" to create the calendar page. Further customize the month view by inserting captions or include the exact lat/long and zoom level of the map you've chosen!

PlayStation 3 "Game Map": UnCharted - Drake's Fortune - A PS3 game title is using Google Maps in a pretty challenging web-game that you can take part in. Follow the clues and watch the clock! [Thanks to Leon McComish for the tip!] -- See more alt. Maps API examples here..

Beerdex: Mapping beer prices worldwide:

The Beer Index or just simply "Beerdex" is a Google Maps mashup of beer costs from around the globe. Collected via polling from the site the Map itself displays beer prices by country and city and places an emphasis on... cheap. :) The mashup uses the British pound as a currency so use Google to work it back to your own local currency.

House hunting just got easier with Google Maps collaboration (iTWire Dec.6/07) - Couples searching for the perfect real estate now have a great online assistant thanks to Google Maps' new collaboration features [Read More..]
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