Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Fantastic New Google Maps Books Mashup!

CodexMap: A Fantastic Google Maps Books Mashup!

Mark Watkins has created a great new Google Maps books mashup called CodexMap. Browse the database of books on CodexMap by their geographic location on the Google Map view, as well as add new books to the database with their location. CodexMap mashes up with Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Book Search and Wikipedia. To get started, enter a search by name, title and author then drill down through a tagcloud of the most common geographic tags based on your current search and navigation state. Each book has information about the book and links to other sites. Mark has also chosen to default the map type to Terrain View on Google Maps: "..It seems to have a nice aesthetic combination with books." - I agree! Mark has done a great job with his CodexMap books mashup so if you're curious about the geographic context of a book you're reading or have currently read, check it out! As Mark's tagline calls out: "Explore the world of books!"

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