Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Google Maps Live Sports Map

Ryan McKillen has created a Google Maps mashup that I'm franly I'm a bit surprised did not exist before today. The Live Sports Map is a mashup with sports scores and news for sports throughout the world (predominantly US/Canada). Scores are plotted on the home team's stadium/arena with a link to zoom in on the Google Maps satellite view. News stories are plotted on the city where they take place. Color coded markers indicate news and scores for the variety of sports tracked, and can by toggled on and off in order to hone in on a specific interest. Sports include:

Major League Baseball, NASCAR, NBA Basketball, NCAA Baseball, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, NCAA Hockey, NFL Football, NHL Hockey, Olympics (when they start), Tennis and World Soccer.

This is a great real-time mashup that brings together sports and geography in a most unique way!
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