Thursday, January 31, 2008

New search options on Google Maps

Google's Lior Ron has posted to the Google Lat Long Blog to let us know about a great new way to search on Google Maps. An option to select the type of search you want to do has been added!

Here is where to find it:

Click "Show search options" to the right of the "Search Maps" button to reveal 4 new search options:
  • Locations - Searches addresses, places of interest or other locations with that name Businesses - Searches only businesses with that name
  • User Created Content - Searches My Maps and other user-created content such as KML
  • Everything - Mingles all content types together in one search result
This new change will put let you further customize your Google Maps experience and really put it to work searching ONLY the type of content you want to find. When you only want to search for a specific city name in your country, it will only deliver results for that city name. If you're looking for a specific retailer that you want to know the location for, results for other content won't cloud your view. For those you creating My Maps and other maps content that want it to be more discoverable, the "User-created content" search option is especially exciting. I just used it to narrow down a list of user-suggested tapas restaurants for my upcoming trip to Barcelona, Spain!
[Via: Google Lat Long Blog]

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