Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shout out about a place on Google Maps!


"..What place makes you want to shout? Tell your city what places make you happy, satisfied, or rip-roaring mad!" This is the phrase you're greeted with at PlaceShout.com, Andre Lewis' latest Google Maps (Andre has also brought us Hotspotr). Andre describes it in this way: "PlaceShout is short-form local reviews on a map. Think Twitter crossed with Yelp. PlaceShout isn't about volume - it's about trying to express the positives and negatives of a destination in as few of words as possible. If people agree, that "shoutout" moves up...if they don't, the shoutout moves down and begins to disappear." Google Maps is used within the placeshout link to locate the place, as well from the "Map Browse" link at the top of each city page to show all placeshouts in that location. One feature I've never seen used is a thin ribbon along the top of the map that shows direction and distance to neighboring towns and cities. Move the map around and this changes as you drag the map. Very cool! :)

PlaceShout works for several world cities such as Madrid, Praha or Toronto (only a few places shouted about so far) but there are 5 cities in the US that have the most placeshouts: Ann Arbor, MI (260 places), San Francisco, CA (217 places), Atlanta, GA (56 places), Houston, TX (44 places) and Ypsilanti, MI (24 places). So if you live in or travel to any of these cities, check them out.. otherwise explore the city list (top right of the page) to add to yours. PlaceShout is a great concept for you to boast (or complain) about a place in your city!
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