Wednesday, January 30, 2008

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup (Jan. 30/08)

thelondonknowledge - Do you need to find a nightclub in Central London for Friday night? Perhaps you would prefer a more intimate meal for two on the Thames. With over 3,000 reviews of bars and restaurants and 5,000 listings of clubs, theatres and cinemas the online entertainment guide map thelondonknowledge can help you plan the perfect night out.

Searching this impressive map you can choose from a number of options, including cinema, nightclubs, music, theatre, comedy, art or ‘something different’. You can search by a specific day and by area and when you find what you want thelondonknowledge will even give you travel directions via Transport for London’s Journey Planner. Now you really have no excuse for staying in.


Little Legends - This guide to what's on for kids uses Google Maps to highlight child friendly locations in the UK. Parents have added schools, nurseries, children's activities, clubs and restaurants that will appeal to kids.

You can search by keyword or location and the map will show other user added places near by. The social sharing features on this site, including user comments and user ratings, should provide an invaluable tool for parents in planning how to entertain their little ones. - This Google Maps mashup will help solve the perpetual problem of where to buy the cheapest petrol. To search just enter your address or postcode and the map will show the five cheapest petrol stations within a given radius of your address. You can define whether you require diesel, premium diesel, unleaded, super unleaded, LPG or LRP.

Sam Knows Broadband - is a UK website dedicated to tracking the progress of broadband across the UK. Their new mapping service Sam Knows Broadband can help find the fastest broadband connection that is available for your current address.

To use the map you can enter your address by search box or you can just zoom into an area and choose a street. Once you click on the road you live in and have entered your house number you are informed of the broadband options available for your home. The broadband speed is given for each of the available options as well as the names of the providers.

This is a really useful tool not only for checking the speed of service available to you but for finding out which broadband providers are available where you live. I never knew that I could choose from over twenty providers!

Tubejp - At present Google Maps only provides driving directions for London so this London journey planner could prove very useful for finding your way around the capital.

Enter a start and end point for your journey and the map calculates your route via underground, train or bus. The directions appear in a side panel and include the estimated time of the journey and the number of stops on the way.

UKPropertyVision is another example, similar to twittervision and Google’s own Google Maps Recent Edits Viewer, of a map that updates place markers in real-time.

The map uses the UK property search engine Nestoria to find homes to buy or rent in the UK and then adds them to the map in real-time. There is definitely something hypnotic in defining your location and price-range and watching the found properties appear and disappear on the screen in front of you.


Flood Map - Climate Change Wales provides a map that shows the flooding that will be caused by different degrees of sea level rise. The map’s interface is very simple to use, comprising of a simple drop down menu of different sea rise levels. Water level is then shown on the map by a blue coloured overlay. For example, a rise of two meters sees my street disappear under a sea of little blue dots.

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