Wednesday, February 13, 2008

3 New Google Maps Facebook Applications

Update (Feb. 17): Also check out the Go Skating Toronto Google Maps-based Facebook app created by the gang at!

King (or Queen) of the World

King (or Queen) of the World is a Facebook strategy game that uses Google Maps to demonstrate the current territories of game players.

The game is a territorial game of diplomacy, alliances and battles. To join the game a player chooses a location on a Google Map. Google Maps are also used to show the locations of game players and the defending and invading soldiers of player battles.

This game currently boasts a user rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Facebook and the Facebook User Reviews of the game are unanimously enthusiastic. Here is just one review from one of the game’s fans,

This is the best, most subtle, and best-supported game application on Facebook. That diplomacy, strategy, geography and the strongest modular aspects of Facebook's architecture have all been rolled into the mechanics and play of one game is astoundingly brilliant. Long live the KoTW!”.

Be warned however, if the game reviews are anything to go by, once you register for this game you can kiss your social life good bye. Instead you will find yourself hooked on building alliances and taking over the world.

Unype is described by its designers as “a multi-user mirror-world for sharing locations, photos, videos and models and for playing games inside Google Earth and Google Maps, with all social networks as entry points.” Which is a fairly good summary of the features of this fun map.

If you view the map at Unype you can enter your location on the map anonymously and add pictures or videos, you can use a chat feature to talk to other users and you can even play a geography game.

However the real fun comes when you access Unype through Facebook, MySpace, Ning, Orkut, Hi5 or Bebo. If you interact with the map on any of these sites your social network profile is added to the map automatically. Now you can share videos and pictures with your friends on any of the aforementioned networks through Unype.

The chat and game options on Unype can be toggled on or off and appear directly under the map. The game is a simple test of your knowledge of the world, requiring you to find locations on the map. You can also add 3d models to the map which will appear when you use the Google Earth option.

And that isn’t all. Unype will also let you embed their map in your own website or blog. Which means that your readers can share their pictures and videos with each other through a Google Map. Soon there will be even more options as Unype say they are presently “working with various companies to build vertical applications for them on top of the Unype platform.”


hobnobLover's Facebook Application displays the latest places mapped by members of hobnobLover. Once you register you can view your own places, your friend's mapped places or the places of any other member.

The Google Map in the Facebook application spools through the latest places added. Each place, as it is shown, is accompanied by a thumbnail picture of the place and some information. Clicking on the picture or the place name will take you to another page where you can find more information, reviews, and comments for that place.

If you like the Google Map in this Facebook application you can even add it to your own web page or blog with this Google Gadget.

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