Sunday, February 03, 2008

Map your Google Calendar, Twitter on Google Maps

Tony Hirst has been busy creating a way for us all to personally mash together our Twitter friends and Google Calendar with Google Maps! Check out these posts from his blog:

Geo Twitter - GeoCoding Your Tweets and Plotting Them on an Embeddable Map - Want to see where the Twitter folks you follow are posting about? In this post Tony explains how you can plot their tweets on a Yahoo! Pipes powered Google Map. He writes: "...Twittervision and Twittermap already offer geo-location tools, and an API for you to set your location. So here's my offering, a Yahoo Pipe that will have a go at geocoding locations declared in a tweet: Geo-Twitter Pipe." He also points to another pipe that will let you track where your Twitter friends are located: Geo-Twitter Friends.

More of Tony's Geo-Twitter posts and examples:
Displaying Google Calendar Events on a Map - In this very easy to follow and detailed post Tony explains how to create an embedded Google Calendar or Google Map with events plotted. He explains the easy steps you need to go through to use Yahoo! Pipes to obtain a KML feed URL that can then be fed into Google Maps. Code for the embeddable map are then easy to grab and post to your blog or website. Check out his post for full details and the example embedded map (full map here).. Brilliant! :)

More about Tony Hirst...

I asked Tony more about himself and how he came to be doing so much with Google Maps. He explains: "I'm a poorly paid lecturer at The Open University;-) - - but i spend way too much time tinkering with web apps (i figure someone should be trying to glue together all this crazy stuff that keeps appearing! ;-)"

Some of Tony's past Google Maps experiments:
Stay tuned to Tony's blog (OUseful Info) for (no doubt) much more Google Maps fun in the weeks and months ahead...
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