Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is Nanaimo the most mapped town?

Time Magazine have published an article on the Canadian city of Nanaimo entitled How Google Earth Ate Our Town. The article quotes Google Earth's chief technology officer Michael Jones as saying that the city has "mapped nearly every conceivable thing using Google Earth and Google Maps."

The city's planning department provides its citizens with a wealth of information about its buildings, property lines, utilities and streets through Google Earth on its website However the city also makes use of Google Maps. For example, Google Maps Mania reviewed Nanaimo’s Heritage Walk Map in August 2005.

Now the City of Nanaimo have integrated their Fire Incident Report with Google Maps. This Fire Incident Map allows the citizens of Nanaimo (or anyone else) to query the city’s Fire Incident Report and see the results on a map. The map shows the location of incidents and the apparatus that the fire deployment deployed.

If the hassle of querying a date seems too much trouble instead you can just look at the latest incidents on this full sized Google Map.

Via: Google Earth Blog

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