Monday, March 17, 2008

Read a magazine with the Google Maps interface

Zkimmer is a new concept that replaces regular map tiles with graphics to let you leaf through the pages of a print publication. Imagine tearing out every page of a magazine, spreading them all out and then taking a picture of it. Zkimmer uses a map tiling technique to convert these individual pages to let you browse them in the same way you browse Google Maps. Check out the the December '07 issue of Space Magazine to see how this all comes together:

The Google Maps API has been employed by many other developers in the past to apply the same Google Maps user controls to images and "alternative" maps. Examples include the World Of Warcraft Cards Sheet, A busy desktop and a Lord of the Rings Map to name a few. Maplib even allows you to do this yourself by simply uploading any image via the web to instantly create an alt-map or browseable image. Here is an example from Maplib: Corporate Connections.

More Google Maps API "alt map" examples found here..
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