Friday, March 07, 2008

A Seventeenth Century Geo-Blogger

If you have ever wondered what Samuel Pepys’ seventeenth century diary would have looked like if he had owned a personal computer and an iphone then wonder no more.

Actor and web-designer, Phil Gyford has produced a blog of Pepys’s Diary in which the daily entries correspond to the 17th century original. What’s more Pepys’ entries have been geo-tagged as well so readers can quickly check any locations mentioned in the diaries on a Google Map.

When you check a location on the map you can also check the other references to that location in the rest of the diaries. For example from the map of the Tower of London it is possible to check all of the 70 references to the Tower in Pepys’ Diary. You can even check out the Wikipedia entry for locations if you want to know more.

Phil started the site on 1 January 2003. I think Pepys’ kept his diary for nine years so I assume the site will be continuing for a few more years. In its first five years has received many accolades. Most recently it was listed as one of London’s 50 best websites by Time Out magazine and I wouldn’t argue with that.

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