Thursday, March 27, 2008

Street View in the Google Maps API

Google have officially released 'street view' as part of The Google Maps API. As well as the usual documentation Google have created a number of fun demonstrations.

I've also created a demonstration that I've called A Street View Tour of San Francisco. This demo shows how to change the text on the page depending on the location navigated from the street view. So for example, if you turn into Lombard Street in the street view you can have a description of the location appear next to the street view.

Dual Maps are also early adopters of this new feature. Dual Maps allows you to view a street view alongside a Google Map and Microsoft's Live Map's 'bird's eye' view. Being able to view the map and the 'bird's eye' view alongside the street view.

New Street View Cities

In celebration of street view being added to the Google Maps API Google have expanded coverage of street view to 13 new metropolitan areas and a national park. Among the new areas are:

Via: Official Google Maps API Blog: Street View in the API (or, How I Spent My Summer "Vacation")

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