Friday, March 28, 2008

Wikis in Google Maps

Wikitude is a new Google Maps mash-up that allows you to search for points of interest listed in Wikipedia. The site takes advantage of geographical information contained in Wikipedia articles, which means it has over 350.000 points of interest in over 10,000 categories to draw upon.

If you search Wikitude by location you are presented with a Google Map that shows the points of interest around that location. If you click on one of the tagged points of interest a window opens on the map containing the Wikipedia article.

You can also search Wikitude by category. For example, if you search by caves, you can open a Google Map with all the caves geotagged in Wikipedia. As well as opening a Google Map each search also returns Google Earth kmz files and Point of Interest files for TomTom.

The site even includes a WAP interface. This means you can use your cell phone to find points of interest near by. The points of interest are then returned with directions on to how to find them.

Other Wiki Google Maps

  • Wikimapia - Wiki tagging the world on a Google Map.
  • Placeopedia - Connecting Wikipedia articles with the places they represent.
  • WikipediaVision - View edits to Wikipedia live on a Google Map.
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