Sunday, March 16, 2008

World Water Week

The Tap Map

The Tap Project is a US campaign to celebrate the clean and accessible drinking water available as an every day privilege to millions, while helping UNICEF provide safe drinking water for children around the world.

Beginning Sunday, March 16 through Saturday, March 22, restaurants will invite their customers to donate a minimum of $1 for the tap water they would normally get for free. For every dollar raised, a child will have clean drinking water for 40 days.

The Tap Map includes a number of layers to help you find participating restaurants and explore some of the work that UNICEF is undertaking around the world to provide clean drinking water. The UNICEF layer in particular is very impressive, including a wealth of information, alongside photos and videos.

The Tap Map can also be added to your My Map collection here.


PlayPumps International is a non-profit organisation that installs merry go-rounds that also double as water pumps when they are played on by children. The more kids spin around on them, the more water gets pumped and more they solidify themselves as sustainable sources of clean drinking water.

PlayPumps International has created a Google Map of some of their installations in South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland and Zambia. Each point on the map provides details about the play pump and also provides links to more information so you can learn more.

Originally reviewed on Google Maps Mania in September 2007
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