Monday, April 14, 2008

Flickr Google Maps

Last week Flickr started hosting videos as well as photographs. Flickr hopes to differentiate itself from other video hosting sites, like YouTube, by only allowing short 90 second videos which they hope will generate “long photos,” or "slices of life".


Flicks is the first Google Map site to take advantage of Flickr's hosted videos. The site is a selection of Flickr videos tagged on a Google Map. Flickr users can geotag their videos when they are uploaded to their account and Flicks uses these geotags to embed the videos on a Google Map in the exact position that they were shot.

Having a browse through the videos on Flicks, it soon becomes obvious that Flickr have succeeded in producing something different from YouTube. The video player is far more attractive and so far the quality of the videos submitted by users are of a much higher quality.


Trippermap is a web site that allows you to put a Google Map of your Flickr photos on your own web site or blog. If you haven't got a web site or blog it doesn't matter because Trippermap will host your map for you.

Trippermap supports photos that have been geotagged and will even map your photos if they are tagged with a city or country name. The Google Map has an easy to use interface. The photos are clearly tagged on the map and small thumbnails are placed in a strip along the bottom of the map to ease navigation of your photo set.

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