Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Promoting Earth Day on Google Maps - Part Two

Last week we posted on a number of Google Maps projects that have been designed to help promote today's Earth Day: Promoting Earth Day on Google Maps.


One map that we missed out on last week was 1Sky. 1Sky is a user contributed Google Map that lets anybody share their story and tell the world how global warming is effecting their corner of the world.

The idea behind the map is to paint a national picture of the climate movement by putting a local, personal face on the climate challenge. 1Sky hope that "by putting a face on climate change that our political leaders will understand, you'll help them see: America is ready for bold climate solutions."

The Google Earth Blog has a large number of links today to environmental related content in Google Earth - Google Earth for Earth Day.

Ogle Earth report about a new web site called Healthy Planet. The site won't be fully functional until the end of the week but when it is users will be able to adopt a plot of land on Google Maps. The money that you pledge to adopt a plot will then be given to conservation projects responsible for that area. We will of course review the site in full, when it launches.
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