Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Clipper Yacht Race on Google Maps

Clipper Round the World 07/08

The yachts in the Clipper Round the World 07/08 race have passed through the Panama Canal and are now heading towards Jamaica in 30 knot winds.

How do I know this?

Well - because I'm tracking the race in real-time on Google Maps.

And what a Google Map it is. Each yacht's path in the race is tracked on the map with a different coloured polyline and the yacht's real-time position is indicated by a colourful map tag. Which, all in all, makes for a rather beautiful looking map.

Clicking on the tag of an individual yacht reveals more detailed information about the yacht's progress, including the distance to the finish, the current latitude / longitude, heading and speed.

If that isn't enough you can even watch some professionally shot footage of the race on video. The video below shows The Western Australia heading towards Panama.

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