Monday, May 05, 2008

Indian Google Maps Mashup Roundup!


Mapofi is a real estate website for India and Dubai. The mapped properties are searchable by location and by type of property, and search results are tagged on a Google Map. Clicking on a property tag opens a window with images and information about the chosen property.

It is also possible to search the area around properties for hospitals, government offices, landmarks, markets, banks, and churches and temples.

NewHomeGuide is also a real estate website for the major Indian cities, but specialises in newly built homes. Cities are selected from a drop down menu. The map then shows the selected city and the newly built homes. Each property comes with a link to the website of the property developer.

The India Real Estate
The India Real Estate is a real estate listings website for the whole of India. The site's database of properties is searchable via a full screen Google Map. The initial map view shows individual properties tagged in red and clusters of properties tagged in blue. Clicking on a blue tag gives you the option to zoom in on the chosen area. Clicking on a red tag gives you the option to view the property details.

Find My Ghar

Find My Ghar is a real estate site for Bangalore. Users can post a property for sale and the property then appears on a Google Map of available properties. Clicking on a tag opens a window with the property details. There is also the option for users to add a comment to each property.

This site also has a very useful option to receive e-mail alerts for chosen areas. To receive an alert of new properties you can select areas on a Google Map and the areas you have chosen are then shaded on the map.

HomeinEasy is a classified real estate website for the city of Pune in India. A Google Map of Pune is provided with different districts of Pune represented by a small house-shaped tag on the map. Clicking on a tag will take you to a listing of available properties in the chosen district.

Map My Temple
Map My Temple is a user submitted Google Map of temples in India. Users can submit photographs and details of temples and plot their location on a Google map.

The home page of the site shows a Google Map of all the submitted temples. Clicking on a tab of an individual temple opens an information window with a short description of the temple and a photograph. Clicking on the photograph takes you to an individual page on the chosen temple. The page contains a fuller description and a zoomed in Google Map of the temple's location.

Need Grub
Need Grub is a restaurant review site for India. Google Maps of individual Indian cities and districts within cities are provided with all the restaurants tagged. Clicking on a tag provides you with the address of the chosen restaurant and a link to a page of user reviews.

Each restaurant is given its own page with a small Google Map showing the restaurant's location. The page contains ratings of cost, service, hygiene, ambience and overall value as well as user submitted reviews.

Eatables is a directory of hotels and restaurants in Chennai and Kolkata. A map of each city is provided with individual locations tagged on the map. The tags are colour coded by category, showing restaurants, hotels, cafes and pubs.

Each tag contains a brief description of the restaurant and a link to a forum discussion of that venue. Users can submit restaurants themselves by clicking on a location on a Google Map and completing a simple form.

Indian Premier Cricket League
Indian Premier Cricket League is another Google Maps Mash up from the prolific Virender Ajmani. Virender's Google Map shows the home grounds of each of the Indian Premier Cricket teams. Clicking on one of the tagged grounds zooms the map into a satellite image of the clicked ground. An information window gives details of the chosen team, the latest news via RSS and even includes an embedded video about the team.

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