Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Switzerland Google Maps Round-Up! (May/08)

I'm heading off for a flying visit to the lakes and mountains of Switzerland next week. So before setting off I thought it might be useful to have a quick look at the latest Google Maps mash-ups emanating from Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft/ Confédération Suisse / Confederazione Svizzera or Confederaziun Svizra (the Swiss Confederation - depending on which of the four official languages you speak)


One web-site that has already proved useful in planning my trip is the wonderfully named Smagoo. Smagoo is a site that maps hotels, restaurants and shops in Switzerland. To search the site you define the area and category (hotels, restaurants or shops) and a Google map is produced on the fly with your search results.

Clicking on one of the tagged search results on the map will take you to a page about that establishment. This page contains the address, opening hours and photos. The site is easy to use and it certainly didn't take me long to identify a number of restaurants that I shall be honouring with my custom next week.

Darktemptation is a Swiss heavy metal magazine that features an events database and a Google Map that shows heavy metal venues in Switzerland. The site is fairly intuitive to use. Venues are tagged on a map of Switzerland and clicking on one of the tagged clubs reveals the address of the club and a link to its web site.

I notice that Napalm Death are playing during my visit to the country. Unfortunately I seem to have already pencilled in a sedate boat cruise on Lake Geneva for that day.


PlebsTV is a great community driven map that members can use to map photographs, videos, audio or eyewitness reports. It is possible to search the map for members who are located in your area. When you find friends you can search their collection of mapped items. Alternatively you can just search areas on the map for items submitted by other users.

Zooming in on an area is a great way to get an idea of what the place is like from the submitted photographs and videos. It is an experience fairly similar to Google Maps' new 'Explore' option.

PlebsTV is built by a Swiss development team but the site is in English and is certainly not restricted to Switzerland.

Polizeinews Map
Polizeinews is a crime map for Zurich. Crimes are shown on the map by flashing police sirens. When you click on a flashing siren an information window opens with details about the individual crime. Each crime also carries a link to the Swiss police news site Polizenews, where the crime is explained in greater detail.

Funimap is a map of funicular railways in Switzerland. Every funicular railway in the country is tagged on a Google Map. When you click on one of the tags you are provided with a link that takes you to details and photographs of that particular funicular.

Funimap is a great hobbyist's web-site and anyone with an interest in funicular railways or who wishes to ride on one of Switzerland's many mountains should definitely give it a visit.

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