Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twitter on Google Maps

Twitter Spy

Twitter Spy is a new rival to TwitterVision. Twitter Spy, like Twitter Vision, is a Google Map showing in real-time the latest messages on Twitter.

However, whereas as TwitterVision displays real-time messages on a full-screen Google Map, Twitter Spy uses a smaller map and utilises the remaining screen space to display the latest tweets outside of the map (check the screenshot above).

The avatar of each member's message is tagged on the map and the map recentres on the location of each member when a new message is posted. Twitter Spy also catches any URL's posted by users and the latest ones are posted in a sidebar.

Other Twitter Maps
  • TwitterVision
  • - the original real-time map of tweets
  • Create Your Own Twitter Map - a great article on how to create your own Twitter Map by Tony Hirst
  • Twitters - a Twitter map which shows the plotted Twitter members in a sidebar beside the map
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