Thursday, May 15, 2008

UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup! (May/08)

UK based geo-developers have been busy as once again we have been inundated with submissions from the eastern side of the pond. I guess it must be time for another UK Google Maps Mashup Roundup!

Get London Reading

In order to get Londoners reading Get London Reading have developed a Google Map to help Londoners find books set near their work, home, or favourite places. So far there are over 400 books geo-tagged, and users can submit their own recommendations - so this number is set to grow.

Each book is tagged on the map with a picture of the book's cover (which I find is always a good way to judge a book). Clicking on the book's cover opens an information window that contains a brief summary of the book in question.

Adding a book to the map couldn't be easier. All you have to do is double click on the location where you want to add a book and fill in the resulting form.

If you have an interest in reading about an area of London there can't be many better ways of discovering what books to read.


Hacienda is a UK property map that shows properties for sale or rent in the UK on an easy to use and interactive map. Users search the map by location, post-code, by school name or by transport type. Results can then be filtered by type of property, price and number of bedrooms.

Available properties are tagged on the map with a small house icon. When you click on a house a photo and details appear in the right hand side-bar.

Britain's Finest
Britain's finest is a Google Map of hotels, bed & breakfasts, leading attractions, gardens, museums, galleries and historic houses in Britain.

Each county in the UK gets its own map with all the hotels and points of interest mapped. Clicking on one of the map tags will display details of the location in the left-hand side-bar.

London Teenage Murders Map

Crime maps are a hot topic in the UK at the moment, as is the recent spate of teenage murders in London. Over the last weekend another innocent young Londoner was killed when he tried to help a shopkeeper whose store was being attacked. This map tags all the teenage murders in London this year.

In mapping the murders in this way the map gives some geographical / spatial awareness of the problem. A small cluster of murders in north London, for example, could be a warning that gang activity is a particular problem in this area at the moment.

Disclaimer: this one was built by me!

Auction Search Kit
Auction Search Kit is a tool to help people purchase goods from eBay. Users enter a search term, their UK post-code and then define the number of miles around their home they wish to see results for.

The results are then tagged on the map. Each information window contains a photo and a brief description of the item.

Auctions Near You
Auctions Near You provides a very similar service, allowing users to search for eBay auctions near their home. Again users enter a search term, their UK post-code and restrict results to a chosen distance.

The results are then tagged on the map. Each information window contains a photo and a brief description of the item.

Match Hotels

Match Hotels is a useful service for sports fans as it allows you to search for hotels in the proximity of sports venues.

To find hotels you first choose the stadium you will be visiting and then enter the distance from the stadium you wish to search. Results are then shown on a Google Map with photographs of the hotels, a brief description and the hotel's star rating.

Match Hotels even has a partner programme - so if you own a sports blog or website you can add Match Hotel to your site and share in any generated commission.

StreetSize is a social networking Google Map mash-up designed "to make it easier for local people to communicate with each other."

Users tag their location on a Google Map and can see other users in their area. It is possible to start a discussion on an area by clicking on the map. So, for example, a group of users could tag a number of restaurants on the map and start a discussion about which restaurant they wish to visit and what time they want to meet up etc.

Cycle Route
Cycle Routes is a Google Map of user submitted cycle routes. Routes are shown on a Google Map and stages on the route are tagged with a red marker. Above the individual route-maps information is given on the ride's difficulty, its length and even how many calories you can expect to burn.

Get biking!
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