Monday, May 12, 2008

Video Sharing on Google Maps


myTAGeo takes videos and web cams from multiple video sharing sites and adds them to a Google Map. Users can create their own map of their own videos or add videos from any of the major video sharing sites. The address of the map can then be shared with friends and family or the map can be embedded into a web page or blog.

When videos are tagged they also appear in the World Map, a map of all the submitted videos.

As well as tagging videos to a Google Map it is possible to create a map of web cams. This Wave Map, for example, is a map of surf cams in California.

Other Video Maps

Seero - live video tracking on a Google Map (see example below)
Virtual Tourism - my own video mapping site
TURNHERE - a travel and video site
Virtual Video Map - a Google Map of videos from around the world
Venividiwiki - a travel site that includes a number of videos

Seero are broadcasting live this week from Where 2.0 in California. For the occasion they have created this embeddable player.

Via: Ogle Earth

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