Monday, June 23, 2008

Crunchbase Database on Google Maps

Crunchbase Maps

Techcrunch have today announced the release of a Google Map that tags all the technology startups from its Crunchbase directory.

You can browse the Crunchbase map by city, state, zip code, or country. You can even map all of the results within a certain range (e.g., all the startups within 10 miles of Sydney, the 165 companies in Manhattan, or the VCs on Sand Hill Road).

Techcrunch give an example of searching for Yelp. If you want to see where the company is located and what other startups are nearby you can click on the 'map' link next to Yelp’s address and its headquarters will show up among its 50 closest neighbours, including Kongregate one building over and Slide just a few blocks away.
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