Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Friday Google Maps Fun

A user on Seero tracked Steve McQueen's classic car chase from Bullit on Google Maps. Press play on the video below to watch the chase scene and at the same time follow the location on the map.

If anyone wants to produce their own Seero map of a movie car chase Popular Mechanics has posted videos of the top ten movie car chases of all time. Their top car chase is this one from Ronin

If you are interested in mapping this car chase on Seero the location is the French Riviera.

This one is less fun than dramatic. A user of Virtual Globetrotting found this amazing street view of a burning house in Little Rock. If you navigate around the street view you can see at least two fire trucks fighting to handle the flames.

View Larger Map

Whilst we are on the subject of street view Gizmodo report that the Google street view car has been spotted driving around the Microsoft campus. They say that it "wasn't just covering regular roads, they were going in-between buildings and getting as many angles as they could of the campus." Apparently the Windows Live Maps team were laughing and yelling at the street view car as it drove around.

As it is Friday you might want to have a look at MapFaced. MapFaced allows drinkers and diners to build, browse, and rate mashed up crawls of New York City.

Each crawl contains a number of bars and/or restaurants for you to visit and each establishment is briefly reviewed.

Cipper is a fun message map. Cipper enables you to share your message with other users worldwide. Simply write a short message (Twitter style) and pin it to the Google Map.

Clickpoint is a find the location game built on Google Maps. You are given a close up satellite view of a location and you have to try and find the location. The game keeps a record of how many clicks it takes you to find the location. Warning: this game wouldn't work for me in the latest FireFox browser - so I would use IE if you have it.
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