Monday, June 16, 2008

Unicycle and Boat Racing on Google Maps

Ride the Lobster Map

In a previous incarnation I used to pay the rent by juggling for a living. One of the skills I used to boast, but which has now inexplicably dropped off my resume, was riding a unicycle. I am therefore delighted to report on the Ride the Lobster race.

Ride the Lobster is an 800km unicycle relay race, taking place from June 16-20th, 2008 in Nova Scotia Canada. If you are unable to get to Nova Scotia to observe this event in person then don't worry because this year there is a live real-time tracking map of the teams on Google Maps.

It has been nearly twenty years since I was last on a unicycle myself but I understand it is like riding a bike. Maybe I'll enter next year.

Via: Google Earth Blog

Offshore Super Series

Also taking place this week is the Don Aronow Memorial Race at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. The race is part of the Offshore Super Series of powerboat races and takes place June 19-22.

For the occasion the Powerboat Racing Association have produced a useful Google Map of the circuit. The map describes each of the turns on the circuit and includes an embedded video, presumably of last year's event. Local hotels are also mapped with information on cost and room type.

If you live anywhere nearby then pop along to Sunny Isles Beach as the event is free to watch from anywhere on the beach!

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