Friday, June 13, 2008

US Google Maps Mashups: Real Estate, Topo, Tennis and more!

US National Tennis Court Mashup:

Want a great way to find a tennis court anywhere in the US? comes to life with a mashup that actually took me a bit off guard when I went to review it. I wasn't expecting the overwhelming coverage of courts per city, the amount of detail for each court or the services you can interact with for each court. You've got driving directions, ratings, court details and info about nearby toilets, restaurants and hotels. Quick options to link-to or print are also built in. My only suggestion is to create a way to quickly go back to the US view with all ball markers showing.. Even if you're not a tennis buff, take a peek at this one, it's pretty well done.

MyTopo: Browse US/Canada Topo Maps!:

Topographic (topo) maps are maps that show detail about natural and man-made features in an area. A hill or mountain is represented by contour lines drawn out to show terrain. Structures are labeled or their shapes are drawn out. In addition to practical planning uses, topo maps are pretty fun and almost geo-romantic to explore. lets you browse these topo maps for anywhere in the US and Canada..
Street View Mania on Real Estate Mashups!, Trulia, PropertyMaps and Fibzber are among the first housing mashups to integrate Google Maps Street View!

4 Cool boundary mapping examples:
3 New Texas Real Estate Mashups:
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