Monday, July 14, 2008

Album Covers on Google Maps

Word Magazine Album Covers Map

I live 200 yards from Abbey Road in London. At least once a month I am stopped by tourists who want to know where the photo for the famous Beatles album was taken. Unfortunately for the tourists the Abbey Road they are looking for is a different Abbey Road over 8 miles away on the other side of London. From now on I think I will refer them to Word Magazine's Album Cover Map

The Album Cover Map shows the locations of iconic album covers. The map currently boasts over 300 album covers but because users can geo-tag album covers to the map themselves it is growing all the time.

So if you've always wondered where the cover for Cher's '3614 N Jackson Highway' album was taken, wonder no longer. It was taken at 3614 N Jackson Highway. Seriously though, this is a great mash-up, especially for those of us old enough to know that records are black and made of vinyl. Coincidentally the nearest album cover to my house is Snap! by The Jam, which just happens to be one of my favourite albums and easily enough of an excuse for me to embed one of the songs from the album here.

Discover The Jam!

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