Monday, July 21, 2008

Boat Race Tracking on Google Maps

screenshot of iboat track
iBoattrack provides three different kinds of real-time boat tracking on Google Maps.

Race Tracking is used to track the yachts in offshore middle-distance to long-distance races. Each yacht is indicated on the map (as in the screen-shot above). It is possible to select individual yachts in the race and their progress is then shown by a polyline on the map (see the blue yacht to the left in the screen-shot). iBoattrack is currently showing the 100th Race to Mackinac.

Not only is it possible to view a race live on a Google Map it is also possible to review an animated history of the race. Therefore Race Tracking can serve as a record of the race after it has finished.

Cruising Boat is another service offered by iBoattrack. Cruising Boat allows individual boat owners to track their own boats. Each boat gets its own dedicated, interactive web page "mapper" with photos of the boat and updated news clips. Anchorages and cruising tracks can be viewed as maps and charts or as satellite photograph images via Google Maps.

The third service offered by iBoattracker is Work Boats. This service can be used by commercial fleets to keep track of their offshore assets including but not limited to: barges, tugboats, ferries, cruise ships, and supply vessels.

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